Commissioning, servicing, testing, and fault diagnosis
We own some of the most technologically advanced electronic equipment available to the plumbing and heating industry, as well as the full complement of tools, official forms and labels. This ensures that we can always commission, service, test and fault diagnose appliances accurately, and with the minimum effort and cost.
Our equipment is always well organised, maintained and looked after, and where necessary calibrated on no less than an annual basis. We keep calibration certificates with the equipment they relate to, and are always happy for clients to inspect them for their reassurance.
We are qualified and experienced in the maintenance of :
  • conventional boilers
  • combination boilers
  • back boilers
  • 'multi-point' type water heaters
  • fires ('decorative fuel-effect' / DFE)
  • cookers / ovens
  • gas meters and pipework
Fault diagnosis
We always ensure that fair appraisals of faulty appliances are given, and do our utmost to fix them when economically viable (which is the majority of the time). Where necessary expected costs, implications and useful-economic lives are fully explained to clients, before any decisions are made as to the best course of action.

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